Southern Comfort Health Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of practice that prioritizes the doctor-patient relationship as the sole center of care. Doing so, it empowers Dr. McCain and our patients to have the control to focus on what is right for the individual.

And we eliminate the following non-medically business entities from our patient care:

  • Hospital Administrators
  • Insurance Companies
  • Government Agencies

The end result of our DPC is a personalized approach to medicine that helps patients:

  • Get care when they need it
  • Receive care at a reasonable cost
  • Establish a genuine doctor-patient relationship with a physician who knows and cares for them

A common response is “So you’re concierge medicine.” NO! We are not concierge medicine.

While direct primary care and concierge medicine are similar in that they are both membership-based, concierge medicine still bills insurance – you’ll be responsible for copays and/or deductibles. Labs, if offered through the concierge office, and medication may be at your insurance-negotiated rates. There are no copays for Direct Primary Care members.

Below is an infographic comparing direct primary care versus concierge medicine.

Direct Primary Care Vs Concierge Medicine