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Member Benefits


In-Office Lab Draws at Discounts


Limited Number of Patients


Personalized Relationship & Care


Direct Physician Access


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Wholesale Priced Medication

Member Benefits –  Services

Personalized care and direct service from a physician who will pay attention to detail.  Select entry to a limited number of memberships so you are not “just a number.”
Annual Wellness physicals and assistance with developing and achieving personal goals.  Health coaching and understanding community resources.

Access to wholesale pharmacy, with monthly statements calculating money saved compared to commercial/retail pharmacy prices. Pathology, labs, imaging and medications all at a discounted rates.

Enhanced coordination of care and patient advocacy, specifically during conversations with specialists, for routine matters to hospitalizations, even provision of home visits if medically appropriate.

Routine outpatient procedures, joint injections, EKG, skin procedures, cryotherapy, suturing, etc. *cost of supplies may not be included but will be explained prior to initiation.

Easy and Convenient access to your doctor. Same or next-day appointments for urgent needs. Phone, text, video-chat, and email communications. Unhurried office visits mean more time to listen and time for questions to be answered.”

No extra cost for office visits = No co-pays or deductibles.  Medications, labs, and imaging are not part of membership but you can expect them at a transparent and discounted rate.
Provide affordable office visits to visiting family and friends of SoCo DPC members, because we understand it’s always miserable to get sick or hurt when you’re away from home.

Free Specialist eConsults

Our stretegic partnership with Rubicon allows our patient’s case to be reviewed by top national specialists at no additional cost. eConsults may save you time and money because referrals and additional testing may not be needed. Details.

We’re now carrying Southern Comfort Wellness products in our clinic. Southern Comfort Wellness is a Direct Primary Care initiative that is committed to your well-being by delivering natural, safe products supporting your whole health: CBD, Liquid Vitamins, Essential Oils, Skin Care and Elderberry products.

Get the details.

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Patient Testimonials

“I would like to commend your staff – especially Dr. McCain.  I’ve been a patient for almost a year and not only is she very good with her bedside manner, she is exceptionally-well educated about medical marijuana, which is exceptionally rare in the dealings I’ve had with dispensaries (especially) and other “experts”.  On my last visit she cleared the air of all the poor advice (and blank stares) I had gotten when I previously visited two dispensaries asking for guidance.

You’re very fortunate to have her, but you know that I’m sure.  With our nation’s health care being the disaster that it is, people like Dr. McCain remind me of the way it used to be – and should be.  Please pass my commendation on to Dr. McCain; she’s very much appreciated by myself, and I’m sure many other patients.  

Also, the various other administrative people have all been very polite, and the call-aheads and call-backs are a nice professional touch.  You all should be very proud of your performance.

I’ve recommended your practice to several people and you can count on me being a long-term patient.    

Chuck Olson, Ph.D.


Personal Health Care is Our Mission

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Non-member landline, does not accept text messages


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