Direct Primary Care For Employers

Access to high quality medical care is paramount for your employees and the health of your organization.

Save Money. Keep Your Employees Healthy.

Both you and your employees have likely seen your costs and deductibles go up. But has your quality of care increased? Most likely not. Direct Primary Care benefits both employers and employees, regardless of business size.

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Reduce Costs and Insurance Claims

direct primary care for employers office work

At a time when many companies face the challenge of finding affordable health insurance, direct primary care shows significant savings. During a 7 month case study*, DigitalGlobe was able to reduce their overall healthcare costs by 14%, and the employer showed a reduction in claims by 25%.

Much of the savings came from decreased referrals to specialists and orders for unnecessary tests that are all too common under the traditional fee-for-service billing models.

*NH-Digital-Globe-Study-2016. Read Study 

Discounts on Medications and Labs

Southern Comfort Health Direct Primary Care minimizes out-of-pocket costs for your employees with our wholesale pharmacy. It is 80-90% off retail pricing in some cases. In-office laboratory draws are included in the membership.

What is Primary Care?

  • Volume driven – less time with patients
  • Cost of medications depend on insurance copay amount
  • Doctor has limited availability
  • Need to schedule months in advance
  • Visit length 13 to 16 minutes
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Primary Care is healthcare performed and managed by a personal physician, trained in Family or Internal Medicine, that is skilled in comprehensive first contact and continuing care for persons with any undiagnosed sign, symptom, or health concern and is not limited by problem origin, organ system, or diagnosis.

The personal physician serves in a practice that is equipped to provide comprehensive helath promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in a variety of healthcare settings such as in office, critical care, home care, or long-term care.

What is Direct Primary Care?

  • Patient results driven – longer office visits
  • Wholesale priced medications (80% to 90% off retail)
  • Timely appointments and allotted time for urgent needs
  • Direct access to Dr. McCain, including in-person visits, text messages, video conferencing and emails.
  • Visit length 30 – 60 minutes
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Direct Primary Care practices eliminate the middlemen and contract the doctor directly with the patient. This frees the doctor from spending quality patient time dealing with compliance and insurance demands, allowing them to focus that valuable time on their patient’s needs. The doctor then has more time to spend providing high quality healthcare, negotiating discounted services and medications as well as spending more time being an advocate for the patient and helping the patient to navigate the complexities of the medical system.

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Direct Primary Care for Employers Increases Productivity

The days of waiting weeks for an appointment are over.

Improved continuity of care equals improved employee satisfaction. Traditional healthcare models incorporate long waits for appointments and your employees will spend a long time waiting for the doctor. With our DPC solution, your employees will have direct access to Dr. McCain (phone, text, video-chat, and email communications) and are out of work less due to a sickness than patients of traditional practices.

Southern Comfort Health Direct Primary Care (DPC) for Employers

Ensure that your employees, and your bottom line, are as healthy as can be with a personalized doctor-patient relationship, comprehensive preventive care, and lower costs.

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Direct Physician Access. Personalized care and direct service from a physician who will pay attention to detail. Same or next-day appointments for urgent needs. Phone, text, video-chat, and email communications. Unhurried office visits mean more time to listen and time for questions to be answered.

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Cost Savings For Employers. DPC takes a proactive approach through preventative healthcare and maintenance by developing personal health goals for each employee. This proactive approach yields a reduction in claims and premiums for the employer by maintaining healthier employees.

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Retain Quality Employees. Offering healthcare benefits is an important part of attracting quality employees yet the high cost of healthcare plans today becomes a huge burden to employers. Those employers who offer a robust benefit package seem to attract a more loyal and productive employee because they feel valued and are offered benefits they need for themselves and their families. DPC can be a valuable recruiting tool by offering high quality primary care services that keep them and their families healthy while saving money.

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Transparent and Flexible Employer Cost. We understand that businesses need to be able to forecast their expenses accurately and need to be able to understand their costs.  Our pricing model for employer’s group plans consists of one single flat rate for their employees with flexible contribution options that can be adjusted at anytime by the employer as their needs and circumstances change.

Southern Comfort Health DPC for Employers

When employers enroll with Southern Comfort Health Direct Primary Care (DPC) as a benefit for their employees, they have the option to choose their level of contribution. The low monthly membership fee per employee can be paid in full by the employer or any percentage that works for their budget. As part of our flexible spending options, the employer can also choose to pay for labs, medications, and /or ancillary services. The contribution level(s) are completely up to the employer. View our pricing page.

Employer group plans are available. Fill out the form below for more information.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is Care tailored to your needs, schedule, and goals.

This is an innovative healthcare model being embraced by patients, providers, employers, and policymakers across the United States. DPC offers a unique, affordable membership-based approach that enables patients to establish ongoing relationships with their physicians. Patients visit a “primary care home” for all routine and preventive services, including check-ups, urgent care, and chronic care management. Most notably, patients receive dedicated primary care, essential for the patient’s wellbeing and the ongoing maintenance of health.

It really is like having a doctor in the family!

The Direct Primary Care Difference

DPC Difference

DPC and Traditional Healthcare Solutions

While DPC can cover up to 80% of medical needs, and in many cases can prevent future catastrophic needs, it is not designed to cover any unforseen illnesses and/or catastrophic health conditions.

We encourage employers to maintain adequate coverage in the cases of unforseen healthcasre emergencies. There are numerous coverage types for your healthcare needs that coimpliment DPC services such as Wrap-Around insurance plans, healthshare account, or self-insured managed plans. Our DPC is not an employee benefit’s adviser, so we can refer you to experts in the field to provide additional information on your benefit needs.

Patient Testimonials

“I would like to commend your staff – especially Dr. McCain.  I’ve been a patient for almost a year and not only is she very good with her bedside manner, she is exceptionally-well educated about medical marijuana, which is exceptionally rare in the dealings I’ve had with dispensaries (especially) and other “experts”.  On my last visit she cleared the air of all the poor advice (and blank stares) I had gotten when I previously visited two dispensaries asking for guidance.

You’re very fortunate to have her, but you know that I’m sure.  With our nation’s health care being the disaster that it is, people like Dr. McCain remind me of the way it used to be – and should be.  Please pass my commendation on to Dr. McCain; she’s very much appreciated by myself, and I’m sure many other patients.  

Also, the various other administrative people have all been very polite, and the call-aheads and call-backs are a nice professional touch.  You all should be very proud of your performance.

I’ve recommended your practice to several people and you can count on me being a long-term patient.    

Chuck Olson, Ph.D.


Personal Health Care is Our Mission

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