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Special Offer

Waving Enrollment Fees For Immediate Family

Who enroll within 90 days. Contact us for details.

Plans per Age

One-Time Enrollment Fee, $150

One-time, non-refundable fee for confirmed scheduling and on-boarding processes of gathering medical records, chart review and creation. Monthly membership and medical does not start until first appointment.

After completing enrollment online, staff will schedule you for the next available appointment, and begin the on-boarding process with activities such as initiating medical records requests and review of our DPC workflows. Once scheduled and staff time dedicated to chart creation, enrollment fee is non-refundable. Medical services and billing for the monthly subscription does NOT start until the first visit with the physician.

Monthly Memerbship Fees shall be paid on the 1st day of every month and are non-refundable.

* Waving Enrollment Fees for Immediate Family, who enroll within 90 days!

Employer Group Plans

Flexible options for employer % contribution.

Where some staff may prefer insurance-based models, DPC memberships can be an additional opportunity for care that might suit other employees’ needs better, and actually prove to be a cost savings to the business. 

Expand Your Coverage

Combine DPC with specialty insurance or a health sharing ministry.

In our DPC world, 80% of medical needs can be addressed at the primary level. We still want you to have financial coverage if needing to be seen by specialists or in case of unexpected emergency.

DPC compliments with a variety of options:

  • Low premium, high deductible commercial Insurance
  • Medicaid, Medicare *bills for membership cannot be reimbursed by the plans
  • Catastrophic or “wrap-around” plans
  • Term disability plans
  • Health Shares (ie. Zion, Sedera)

*Note, since we are not in-network with HMO plans, they are not good compliments for DPC patients needing referrals to specialists and you will still need to see your assigned primary care provider for these specific needs.

**We legally cannot guide further on choosing the best fit secondary plan, but can provide resources and contact information to our members.

Patient Testimonials

“I am a nurse and I have known Dr McCain as a compassionate, knowledgeable, ethical family physician for several years. She has a passion for her work and treats every patient with understanding, respect and support. When my own husband progressively declined due to stage 4 emphysema, severe arthritis, cyclic vomiting syndrome, depression and anxiety I was not sure where to turn. Dr McCain conducted a very thorough history and physical and listened to all our concerns and questions. She took all the time we needed and offered several options and recommendations for the personalized medical plan and products that in her expert opinion would best meet my husband’s needs. The process was seamless from intake to government application to consult and medical decision making. I found the staff to be helpful, courteous and friendly. I did a lot of research and the patient costs at SoCo are by far the lowest in the tri-county area! My husband is finally optimistic about his remaining quality of life. If you have tried other therapies, taken narcotics with poor results, been fearful of addictions or see no improvement in your health, please do yourself or your loved one a favor you will never regret and call SoCo to schedule an appointment. There is no high pressure, no gimmicks, no hidden costs, just excellence in compassionate medical care. Find out for yourself…. you will not be sorry!

Joanne G. Fort Pierce


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