Our Vision

“Make medicine personal again.” Our goal is to provide healthcare personalized to one’s individual needs, schedule, and goals.

We can better care for our patient’s physical, mental, social, spiritual, as well as, financial health through connection of community resources and dedication to a patient’s success. Our business finesse allows the clinic to operate with savings passed to the patient and services expanding to meet the needs of the community.

Our Mission

Southern Comfort Health is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic designed to provide outpatient healthcare services in an innovative Membership model that prioritizes the patient-physician relationship. By removing the burden of overbearing commercial insurance ‘red-tape’ and redirecting resources in a transparent fashion, physicians can deliver personalized, full scope primary care with predictable and affordable costs.



We provide Primary Care and Family Medicine services in a more intimate healthcare setting. We avoid navigating the insurance hurdles and restrictions– therefore we are able to provide high quality services including a personal relationship with your doctor at an affordable price. Direct care means access to your doctor with timely in-person visits, telephone calls, texting, virtual visits, and home visits when necessary. No waiting room, no delay to discuss test results. Patients also have access to huge discounts from our in-house pharmacy on prescriptions, OTCs, vitamins and supplements. Cash rates for labs and imaging studies are often more affordable than utilizing the commercial insurances. Many procedures are included in the membership at only the cost of wholesale supplies. We have a Resource Room with samples, educational materials, information about “catastrophic insurance” and Healthshare alternatives. Being a member of Southern Comfort Health Direct Primary care has many benefits. It’s like having a doctor in the family!

We are happily saying “No” to processing insurance for primary care services while still keeping in mind your financial health.
We believe in price transparency as one solution to today’s healthcare crisis. No more co-pays or deductibles, or bills you get months later. No more being told you have to make a purchase before knowing the end cost. Excessive and intrusive regulations have led to citizen bankruptcy, less personal medical care due to the need for a high volume of visits, and physician burnout. Our clinic chooses the alternative option: a common-sense business strategy that minimizes the overhead costs, thus allowing memberships to be affordable and office visits that aren’t focused on the checkboxes.

Having insurance is not the same as having access to healthcare. In our current system, primary care physicians often enroll more than 3000 patients to offset overhead costs, and physicians have become paper-pushers focused on their computer screens rather than acting as community and patient advocates. It sadly has become an expensive inconvenience to see your doctor. In our DPC clinic, membership will be capped to less than 600 patients which ensures day and time availability, including after-hours or home visits if needed, and makes communicating easier by offering text messaging, emails, and video chat; you make those arrangements with us which could help to avoid a very costly Urgent Care/ER trip. Primary care physicians are capable of handling more medical issues than we have been allowed in “traditional” practices, but given more time and direct resourcing, Primary care physicians are capable of handling more medical issues than we have been allowed in “traditional” practices. If provided more time and direct resourcing, DPC physicians can be better at diagnostics and allow for a trial-of-care with closer supervised follow-up. But if you end up in the hospital, your DPC doctor can be your personal advocate to help you and your family make needed decisions.

We understand that medical care and financial health are entwined. Members will find that DPC care is really affordable compared to “traditional” care. Perks include on-site discounted medications, pre-negotiated cash prices for labs, imaging and other diagnostic studies (often up to 85% off retail prices). And if we don’t have a known price, we will help you find the most reasonable options. We still recommend to combine Direct Primary Care with plans that compliment DPC services, commonly known as “wrap-around” plans which is specific to the definition of insurance as an unexpected health need. Health Sharing Ministries are increasing in demand and work as a nice compliment to a DPC membership; some will even share DPC membership fees because they realize the added value and benefits of this healthcare model. And this type of combination is often cheaper for the family than getting what we think is a “decent” traditional Insurance plan!

The bottom-line: it’s really about restoring the sacred patient-doctor relationship. Direct Primary Care doctors are in it for the ‘long-haul’ and want a lasting successful relationship through investing in each patient’s life for total well-being. It’s about changing how we think of business and it’s interference in healthcare. The DPC movement is impressing legislators allowing this model to expand rapidly across the nation. Physicians are joining together to help each other succeed for the sake of our patients and the profession. We have returned family practice medicine to its root values of clinical excellence for and compassionate knowledge of every patient. We have returned family practice medicine to its root values of clinical excellence for, and compassionate knowledge of, every patient.

Additional Reasons why Dr. McCain & Staff are Excited

more time with patients; dramatic caps to the census to preserve quality of each visit

desire to help the healthcare system for the betterment of own community

more flexibility to make any changes needed for daily business or providing care

more autonomy in medical decisions without asking permission from INS companies

more time to read and keep up with science; CME time will be scheduled for professional growth

more time enjoying the practice of medicine, being able to provide a larger and improving range of services each year

No burnout and preserves the work-life balance we recommend for patients

Patient Testimonials

“I am a nurse and I have known Dr McCain as a compassionate, knowledgeable, ethical family physician for several years. She has a passion for her work and treats every patient with understanding, respect and support. When my own husband progressively declined due to stage 4 emphysema, severe arthritis, cyclic vomiting syndrome, depression and anxiety I was not sure where to turn. Dr McCain conducted a very thorough history and physical and listened to all our concerns and questions. She took all the time we needed and offered several options and recommendations for the personalized medical plan and products that in her expert opinion would best meet my husband’s needs. The process was seamless from intake to government application to consult and medical decision making. I found the staff to be helpful, courteous and friendly. I did a lot of research and the patient costs at SoCo are by far the lowest in the tri-county area! My husband is finally optimistic about his remaining quality of life. If you have tried other therapies, taken narcotics with poor results, been fearful of addictions or see no improvement in your health, please do yourself or your loved one a favor you will never regret and call SoCo to schedule an appointment. There is no high pressure, no gimmicks, no hidden costs, just excellence in compassionate medical care. Find out for yourself…. you will not be sorry!

Joanne G. Fort Pierce


Personal Health Care is Our Mission

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