There are some misconceptions of employer sponsored Direct Primary Care (DPC) that organizations perceive when they think about how DPC works for their employees.

We are here to clear that up. Your primary care doctor is where you go to discuss your health, when you feel sick, have an injury, or just need a yearly physical, and you should know everything you can about how to ensure that you’re getting the best direct patient care for you and your employees.

Is it cost effective? DPC will be an “addition” to our current health insurance.

Investing in Direct Primary Care, your employees will shift their healthcare consumption behavior. As a result, there’s a reduction in primary and specialty care claims, making DPC a better long-term healthcare investment.

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DPC is cost effective. At a time when many companies face the challenge of finding affordable health insurance, Direct Primary Care shows significant savings. During a 7 month case study*, DigitalGlobe was able to reduce their overall healthcare costs by 14%, and the employer showed a reduction in claims by 25%.

Much of the savings came from decreased referrals to specialists and orders for unnecessary tests that are all too common under the traditional fee-for-service billing models.

*NH-Digital-Globe-Study-2016. Read Study

Dr. McCain takes time to provide a broad range of care. Doing this reduces the amount of specialist referrals which in turn reduces costs. However, if outside referrals are needed, Dr. McCain is able to coordinate fair prices and advocate for her patients.

DPC can only be offered at insurance plan renewal.

False. Employers may offer membership access at any time and employees may join at their discretion.

My employees won’t use the benefit of DPC

Recent studies do show that about 44% of people skip the doctor. [1] Oftentimes, this is because it’s seen as a “hassle” – spending more time in the waiting room than with the actual doctor. Dr. McCain’s number one priority is building a relationship with our members. This is a convenient, preventive care solution that removes the common barriers discouraging employees from seeking care. Each member of our DPC establishes a relationship with Dr. McCain. Together, they take a proactive approach through preventative healthcare and maintenance by developing personal health goals (for each employee). And unhurried office visits mean more time to listen and time for questions to be answered.

Employer Sponsored Direct Primary Care Helps Your Bottom Line

When employers enroll with Southern Comfort Health DPC as a benefit for their employees, they have the option to choose their level of contribution. The low monthly membership fee per employee can be paid in full by the employer or any percentage that works for their budget. As part of our flexible spending options, the employer can also choose to pay for labs, medications, and /or ancillary services.


  • Reduction in claims
  • Closing gaps in care for employees
  • Increased employee engagement and retention
  • Chronic disease prevention and management